Evaluation (Rhianna Macleay)

The skills we learnt on this task were difficult things to learn. Although we had a lot of help, we managed to do it ourselves and will use the tips we got in our future jobs.

The first piece of work we had to do was research on different singers album covers. This helped us decide how we was going to do our album cover and what programs we would use. As our whole group are girls we all went for a girl singer and since we had chosen that the style of music would be pop, we had to pick a cover to get ideas from as something we could relate to with the same music.

We researched the target demographic which is a roughly female 18 year old student. We picked this age group and this sex for our demographic since as our style is a bit like Rihanna its what her fans are normally of, the age was picked because there’s some sexual reference which would be understood by younger ages but at 18 you can start to go out so its more likely they will have jobs and do more things for themselves.

We got to grips with how Photoshop works in more depth rather than simply. We learnt how to blend the writing to make it more presentable and make the whole project look better. With such simple skills like layering, it taught us how it can save a lot of time and again makes it look a lot more professional. Not only did we use it for layering we used it to draw different prints onto a design that we chose. It helped us make each photo easy to do, and if we made a mistake it was easy to clear since we could just remove the layer. This made it simpler to make the picture perfect for our final design. Another tool which we used on photoshop was the zoom tool which helped us to more accurate view on the product which we were changing. We also used the lasso tool which was used for cropping around an object. This was an important tool since everything we used we had to go around the object to add it into a picture or to put a picture onto another background.

We got given a useful website called ‘brusheezy’ which gave us good ideas for the website. This was very useful as It gave us easy stamps to use which would make our website look neater without us trying to do different shaped. It was an easy tool and something that was very easy to do. We used a design from ‘brusheezy’ for the top of our mug. This was the perfect design for us as it was a small design which could go with the type of style that we used for the rest of our designs.

‘Wix’ also helped us create our website with easy steps which only needed to be picked and change. This was very useful as the design we chose was very professional and once things were added to it gave it a very nice touch and made it look very good. A lot of effort was put into the website, by making products for the store page or merging pictures together to make a sophisticated and believable image of an event. Not only did this take a few lessons but we have to make sure that it is as good as we can make it before we go on to start another piece of work.

The blog also made the whole task very easy since we could upload everything we have done up their and you could see the ways we improved, from the very first bit of work we did to the end bit of work which made us know for sure that every piece of work we had done would be in there for us to refer back to. This made us more confident with how to change our work as it showed us how we were less confident at the beginning of the editing and got to grips at the end and tried different designs which actually turned out better and would make us get a better mark.

After going over the programmes a couple of times to try it, we really got to grips with it all and managed to apply all of our skills built up over the weeks to make our final piece professional and give our own little twist of how we wanted it to be.

Being able to design everything ourselves was helpful as we would change or redesign everything and after coming together as a group a number of times we were able to change our ideas and talk over how everyone would like it and see how we could change it to suit everyone.

Although this held us back a bit it made our project much more suited to ourselves as it shows that it isn’t only one of ours, that we made it as a group.

We don’t think this could have been done any better with the skills we have learnt to help us get the best mark we could.

 this is the first image of the billboard which i had to add stuff onto to make it look professional and to make it have the characteristics which billboards have.

this is the final design of the billboard which looks like a professional billboard with all the characteristics firmly in place.

this is the logo for RRAG productions which is the name we used to produce the work under.

this is the brush which we used in the ‘store’ tab on the website which we created our own by writing belles on the handle for those who would buy something especially for our brand.

this is the make up brush with our name on it, the final product ready for selling.

this is the fountain pen before being transformed to belles own brand.

this is the final product of the fountain pen which is belles own brand.

i made the demographic which was a female of 18 years.

Amys evaluation

In this project i had to produce a promotional package for a new album. As part of the research for this project i had to analyse CD covers and identify the conventions. i discovered that in order to produce successful front CD cover i had to include a main front cover image, a group name and an album title. On the back cover i included song titles and timings, another image, our company logo and credits. These are all of the main components of CD covers.

i created my CD cover by using photoshop, i was taught how to use various tools such as the brush tool, lasso tool and crop tool. i experimented with most of the tools such as outer glow which makes text look more professional and formal. i learnt about how to create layers to make the editing easier to construct.

i also created the poster and the magazine cover using photoshop. it is essential to make sure that the size of the background layer is the right size e.g. cd cover would be 5×5 inches. i used an existing magazine cover and used the conventions to create my final magazine cover and make it look more professional. i used the colour scheme that i had used for the cd cover to create the poster.

i also created an image for the event page, i used and image of a red carpet and used photoshop to crop another image and insert it onto the red carpet image.