Demographic (Rhianna Macleay)

Danielle Joseph, a student at West Hatch High School in year 13.  She likes going out and listening to music. This is something she does on a regular basis. Her favourite type of music is pop and R&B, and her favourite singer is Rihanna.

After her parents splitting up when she was 15 she found that the easiest way to cope with her sadness was to listen to music, in which she found comfort. Her and her bestfriend Rosie go to regular pop concerts which they enjoy. After coming from a middle classed family she normally gets to buy most of the stuff which she likes to listen to.

Danielle likes being involved in fashion and regularly reads magazine and watches lots of reality programmes. This makes her happy because she would like to be involved media when she’s older, being a presenter.

After growing up with an older sister and brother, she got to listen to older music from a very early age in which she enjoyed thoroughly. This was when her love for music started as she had began to love many different types which she found comfort in throughout hard times in her life.

With Rihanna being her icon she likes to be able to follow what she is doing whether it is new music or new products coming out in her name.

Not only is she a huge Rihanna fan she loves pop music. The old type of music from the 90’s or 00’s. this includes girl bands and boy bands. Which is one of the reason why she would be able to love BELLES music. We have a kind of Rihanna style music with a mix of pop. The fact that were a duo will mean she might show some interest in us as we are a style which she quite likes.


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