Evaluation (Rhiannon Andrews-West)

Within our project we had to make a promotional package for a new album from a group of our choice. We had to delegate each aspect of the project to all group members in order to complete it. Our completed project needed to include: a website to promote our band and  album, a CD cover of the album that we are promoting and a magazine advert or article on either the band of the new album, as well as updating our blog with a range of research for each aspect. In order to complete these we decided to use a range of programs including: Wix.com for the website, Photoshop for editing photos and WordPress.com for the Blog.

As a group we came up with a girl group called ‘Belles’. We decided to create a Pop group as it would appeal to our target market and demographic. We thought that being young girls ourselves we were familiar with this genre and would therefore be able to come up with more original ideas whilst sticking to the outlines of the genre, rather than trying to tackle a genre that we was unfamiliar with and not being able to complete it to the best of our ability.

Photo Shoots

I was in charge of taking the photos in the photo shoot whilst the other two girls in the group modeled as the main singers of the group that we created. I learned the basic skills of how to use a professional camera as it is something that i hadn’t done before. I made sure that each photo was in focus and used a range of different settings as well as altering whether i used the flash or not according to the different light in the specific area. I developed my new skills in a practice shoot against a green screen within school and once happy we took it outside and chose different areas within the school playground to take our final images.


I was given the task to create the girl groups fan website. To do this i used Wix.com which is a programme available on the internet that provides you with the tools to be able to create an original but professional finished product. Firstly i was asked to choose from a large range of templates that were available to choose from to fit to our personal requirements, i decided to choose the template named ‘Photo Focus’. It is a very simple Black and White template with a modern and minimalist feel that focused specifically on the image that we chose to use .


I though that this was appropriate as we was promoting a Girl Group and the image of the girl group should be the main focus of the website and i therefore believe that it was the best choice for the purpose that we set out to achieve. I altered to colour scheme to grey, black and white by changing the colours of the buttons, backgrounds and font of each page. This colour theme and font style has run throughout our complete collection of products of the project to make it more consistent which helped to create ‘Belles’ as more of a brand and therefore more recognisable to fans. I used research from Beyonce’s website in order to choose the different pages that i should include when creating my final product.

(The Beyonce Webpage used as research)

The Website Pages 


To complete the homepage i chose to use the image that we have used throughout the CD cover and Billboard etc. apposed to the other images that we took on our photoshoot that would also be acceptable to use. I chose to do this as this would be the image that was the most recognisable by the public as it was the most frequent picture that was used on our other promotional techniques. Featured next to the picture i displayed the girl groups name in a curly and girly font whilst giving it more of an edge by using a fairly bold font in the colour black. This choice allowed the writing to stand out against the white background of the page and the editing of the shaded edges and blurring when rolled over by the curser made it look more animated and professional. I used the colour grey for the buttons as it was the mid colour between the white of the background and black of the writing allowing it not to detract from the bold title and main focal point of the homepage. Once the  curser rolls over each button the colour changes to black and leaving the white writing, this added feature again adds to the professional look of the webpage.

(Image above showing the completed Homepage that was altered from the original template shown above)


I decided to add a music page to promote the groups album which was the reason for this project, it would also allow fans to be able to listen to their favourite new band by accessing the website from the internet. As our girl group was new to the industry we only featured their first album created by ‘rragproductions’. I set this page out with the music video to the left hand side and a list of the other songs as buttons on the right hand side which would control which video was shown. I continued the colour theme throughout this page with a white background and writing, and black buttons. When scrolled over the buttons turn grey and the writing stays white, this again makes the website more consistent throughout as well as linking it with our other project aspects.

(Selecting the appropriate layout for the page)

(The page layout before editing)

(The finished Music page for the website)


On this page i decided to add images of the important events that ‘Belles’ has attended, presenting them as an up and coming artist and to show them as a well known celebrity. For this page the group created a magazine cover that feature the girl group as the background as well as a headline on the front which hinted an article dedicated to them inside. They also cropped out the two members of the group from the images that we took on our final photoshoot and put them against a background of a red carpet. We feel that this could have been improved largely if we had other images with a change of clothes as the choice of clothing looked very casual for the red carpet event.

(The blank template given for the page when selecting an accordion gallery)

(What the template looked like before editing)

(The finished Event page for the website)


This page is dedicated to images of the band members. We felt that this is the type of thing that fans that follow the girl group would appreciate having on the website. This page would include any promotional photoshoots that the girls would have taken part in. I decided to present the images in a collage type of layout which allowed the images to be viewed as a larger photo when selected. This page featured a more extravagant layout compared to the other pages but still in keeping with the overall image of the band and colour schemes. As we only had one photoshoot and therefore one set of images to feature, the collection presented was very limited. This is an aspect that me and the rest of the group decided that we would change if we were to do the project again.

(Selecting the layout that i was appropriate for the Photo Page)

(The page before editing)

(The Photo Page after editing)

(The page when a photo is selected)


The following page was dedicated to the store of ‘Belles’, it features a variety of different products with the Belles logo printed on them which are available for the fans to buy. The first product that i decided to use was the Belles new album that one of the other girls had created earlier on in the project as this is the most important feature. The other eight products that i created were aimed at our target audience of teenage girls. The products include: a logo mug, a logo umbrella, a logo pen, Swarovski logo Hunter wellies, a logo makeup brush, Swarozski straighteners and a logo womens t-shirt. Each of the products i developed on Photoshop in order to add the ‘Belles’ logo as well as the swarovki diamonds featured on some of the products. As i hadn’t used Photoshop before this is the part that i picked up the most newly developed skills that i can continue to use when completing future projects. I learned how to used a number of different tools available such as: Brush tool, Crop tool and Lasso tool as well as how to create layers so that the editing process was made easier. I also used an outer glow on several of the images in order to make the added logo blend in better with the photo that i was adding it to, which therefore made the finished product look more professional.

(Choosing the best layout for the Store Page)

(What the page looked like before the editing)

(The completed Store page)

(A Step by Step process of the editing of one of the products)



The last page that i added was a comment page where fans would be able to contact the girl group directly and voice their opinions on both ‘Belles’ and the website. I chose to include this page as it made the whole website look more professional and that it would be a real up and running promotional website. This page again featured the colour theme and another photo of the two girls that make up ‘Belles’.

(Choosing the most appropriate layout for the Comment page)

(The page before editing)

(The finished Comment Page)


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